How To Tailor Your Kettlebell Workouts

Genuine athleticism is about far more than just generating maximal strength, bulk and power. Focus on these qualities to the exclusion of mobility and flexibility and the budding athlete risks losing speed, endurance and balance; and runs considerable risk of injury as the body gets out of balance. The best designed kettlebell workouts, therefore, are very careful to develop the body’s all round potential by including a variety of exercises. Focus on simple, single joint movements with a heavy bell by all means, for the purpose of strength development, but also ensure that your kettlebell sessions include some swings and cleans. These are whole body, multi-joint movements which are wonderful for all round conditioning, fat-burning and flexibility. The precise proportions of each kind of exercise can of course be varied according to your training goals, but neither should be excluded altogether if you are to achieve your maximum potential while minimising your risk of injury.

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