Isometrics As A Good Fitness Training Program

Isometrics have long been heralded for their great benefits but most fitness experts do not readily acknowledge them and continue to push clients and followers to gyms in order to do their workouts. It makes more monetary sense for them, of course, to get people to come to their gyms or gyms that pay them money for bringing in clients or for training their clients there.

It does not pay for them to instruct their clients of the fact that you can get just as good a workout by just using the everyday things around you or your own body and achieve great results. Strength training workouts don’t require tons of equipment and fancy machines. What they do require is the will and tenacity to do strength training workouts on your own without guidance from some overpaid personal trainer.

Gym owners may not like this or agree with what I am saying but isometrics is not some new-fangled idea, but the way that most people got into shape long before weight lifting came along. Strength training workouts using isometrics, or resistance exercises, have been around for a long, long time and continue to give great results when used correctly.

One of the best fitness training program you can do without the use of weights or machines is the standard pushup. We all know how to perform a basic pushup but if you are older or experiencing joint pain, a pushup may be too difficult to perform. There are several ways around this.

One way is to not lie flat on the ground but position yourself on an incline with your arms supporting you by grasping the side of a bench, for example. This places less dead weight on your arms and makes the pushup considerably easier, but no less effective. You may need to do more reps but that is okay. You can also do what are called “female” pushups, where your knees are touching the ground. These are markedly less effective and not recommended.

One of the most common isometric exercises for strength training workouts is to hold your arms in front of your chest and push one hand against the other. The point of this exercise is to use your own strength against yourself. Pushing one hand cupped against the other for as long as you can hold it is taxing and you will work up a good sweat. Kung Fu trainees also add another element to this exercise and that is bending down into a semi-crouch while performing the exercise. This is called a “horse” stance and will have you straining in no time.

What Kind Of Fitness Training Program Is Best For You?

Everyone wants to stay fit, but most of us don’t have a lot of time in our schedules to devote to working out. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t particularly love to exercise. So what workout program can best accomplish the results we’re looking for? Some swear by free weight training programs as the best ways to build strength, endurance and muscles! The following workout program is designed for people who want to lose weight and stay fit, but who don’t have a lot of time and don’t love to work out.

The trick to a really effective workout program is variation. Variation accomplishes several things. First of all, it increases the efficacy of the workout program. Doing the same exercise day after day produces diminishing returns. As your body grows accustomed to the exercise, it burns fewer calories and builds less muscle. So varying the type of exercise in your workout program helps keep the body “surprised” and maximizes the effectiveness of the workout. And of course there’s another benefit: you get less bored not doing the same routine every day.

Another very important aspect of a top-notch workout program is that it must combine cardiovascular exercise with resistance training. All too often, we focus mostly (or entirely) on the cardio, and the benefits of that type of workout are limited. Jogging, biking, doing the elliptical or stair machines, or even doing aerobics classes – these activities get your heart rate up and burn calories, which are both good. But the benefit ends there. Once you stop jogging, the calorie burn ends. A really strong workout program must incorporate resistance or weight training. This will build muscle, and muscle burns calories more quickly than other body tissues. Thus if your workout program involves good muscle-building exercises, you will continue to burn calories even after your workout is over – even when your body is at rest. Don’t cheat yourself of the benefits of muscle-building resistance training.

Lastly, if you truly want to maximize your workouts, then you must build rest into your workout program. In exercise, more is not necessarily always better. The best workout programs involve days off, and one or two days of lighter intensity. If you keep the intensity of your workout high every day, and you don’t take days off, you risk strain and injury. Then you will be unable to work out at all.

Get Trained to Fitness!

You know, I personally believe that everyone deserves a personal trainer in this world as we grow more obese.

If you’ve ever watched anyone work out under the watchful eye of a personal trainer, you know how great the experience can be. If you could have your own trainer, you could have your specific body type analyzed, your fitness goals planned for, and a diet and exercise regimen devised especially for you. At at least $50 a pop though, ordering a session with a personal trainer, to most people, can only be one of those things that they hope they’ll do when they win the lottery.

Have you noticed how things tend to drop in price the moment they move from the real world to the virtual? That’s what the online personal trainer website FitOrbit tries to do. Sign onto this website they promised offer you a personal trainer online for no more than two dollars a day.

So what is it that you get for the money with this online experience? Do you get some kind of a virtual software personal trainer who has been fed a few standard lines to utter in the right places? Because that simply wouldn’t be a personal trainer or a gym training program.

That’s not what FitOrbit offers you at all; the price, if you order their service six months at a time, it works out to $10 every seven days on average. And what you get is a real life qualified personal trainer who does everything a regular trainer would do, providing you with a complete fitness and diet plan, and advice whenever you need it. The only thing that differentiates the $10 experience you get at FitOrbit from the real thing is the fact that you don’t have your trainer standing next to you.

Signing up for this service, you’re right away presented with a questionnaire that you are supposed to fill out to be easily able to pick a personal trainer who suits your needs. You start out by giving FitOrbit in-depth information about what exactly you are looking for in a fitness exercise routine. Whatever it is, losing weight , firming and toning your body, becoming a musclebound muscleman, cheerleader or whatever, this is where you mention it.

And then comes the fun part: you get to choose from among a bunch of trainers you can see yourself working with. Usually, the trainers you get come with some serious amounts of professional certification – from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Meeting up with your online personal trainer, you’ll find that it makes for a satisfying experience. You’ll get to speak at length about everything that you feel a personal trainer would need to know about your worries and your hopes. Once hired, a trainer comes back after a day or two with a personalized diet and exercise regimen. If it doesn’t seem to match your expectations, you could always ask for help in understanding the logic behind what you’ve been given.

FitOrbit’s diet help system can be pretty helpful too. They ask you about your preferences and then put down a meal plan specifically for your expectations. They dodn’t just give you names of the dishes you are supposed to cook though. They’ll usually also give you recipes for everything. If you aren’t the kind of person who appreciates this much intrusion, this particular function may not be for you.

The system isn’t all there just yet, of course. But you do get the distinct feeling that you are working out with a personal trainer for real when you use the system. Never did a person make better use of use $10 a week.